You like We paint

You Like? We Paint!

A wonderful painting for a famous hunter! Look at the first shot ! Our customer just said which part of the painting he wants us to improve and then…he will make a wonderful gift for Christmas!

chasse VIA

And you? Do you already have all your presents? Don’t forget: a customized one will have incredible effect!

You Like? We Paint!

One of our best painters from Serbia is now and for the next 2 months in Switzerland!

Who is she? A photograph took some pictures of her during our last exhibition!

Next month, we are going to meet our happy customers with their new paintings from…”You like? We paint!” of course!

Big suprise!

You like? We paint! delivered last thursday a customized painting for the 30th anniversary of the computer engineering company Syslog SA!

The president of the government of the canton of Fribourg, Beat Vonlanthen, were also there to discover the ordered picture! In his speech, he gave to our team big congratulations and encouragements


Look at the first article in the Newspaper (an other one will be in La Liberté this week-end) and the fotos of that great event!


Nico, Zvonko & Laurence 

 2014-09-18 10.34.29 2014-09-18 10.34.31 syslog 2

“You like? We paint!”

“You like? We paint!”



How to get known? We continue to expose the pictures we imported from Serbia. Next week, an exhibition in an important showcase will take place in Bex.

What for? People who see them will have the opportunity to get more information about the artists, the prices and and get involved into discussions. At this moment we inform potential customers that we not only sell pictures but also deliver customized painting!!!

How does that work? The exhibition/showcase allow the visitors to see the artists’ styles and figure out their favourite one. This facilitate customers to choose the artist they prefere and explain to us what they whish to order.

That’s how our business works!

Soon… a surprise!

In the next news on this blog, we will share a secret with you…a great opportunity for the team of You Like? We paint! See you soon!

“You like? We paint!”

An amazing exibition on the boulevard de Pérolles in Fribourg!

200 visitors came to visit our exhibition and some of them ordered a personalized pictures! You will discover these paintings after their realisation through our artists in the next news on that blog. For now, just have a look at that crazy week of exhibition.

A special thank goes to Nixit informatique ( and adesigners ( for their support during the preparation of the exhibition and the realisation of a cool and innovative concept which mixed art and technology with QR-codes!




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“You Like? We Paint!”

Interested to do your Master degree in Entrepreneurship at the HEG Fribourg?
Or just interested to discover a special exhibition?

We are students from the master program and will be happy to show you one project we developed to create our start-up – special customized paintings combined with technology!
Come and visit us at the Boulevard de Pérolles 25 in Fribourg.
It’s free and open every day from the 28th of June to the 5th of July,
from 15.00 to 19.00!

















  Just come!
Contact person: Team You like? We Paint ! Laurence Niquille, / 077 433 15 74

“You Like? We paint!”

you like we paint

Our team “You like? We paint!” has an amazing painters’ network. Let paint and deliver to you the picture as you whish (you can choose your painting style, the colours, the price, the size…) !

 You want to see how we work, with whom and the results? Take the chance to discover the ordered paintings of our customers : We organize an interactive QR-CODE exhibition from the 28th of June to the 5th of july at Espace 25, Bd de Pérolles 25 in Fribourg! Click here to know more about it:

 For the exhibition, we have a partnership with 2 great innovative companies to support us:  Nixit Informatique Sàrl and adesigners communication solutions, both innovative companies from Fribourg!

 Team You like? We paint!

Zvonko Velickovic, Nicolas Codourey, Laurence Niquille