TROVERLARTISTE.CH is finally on its way to become the best database for artistes. There are now 80 artists with completed profiles including videos and photos!!! Furthermore, all the categories are filled and the FIRST SALE is made for the silver membership for one of the tourism office in Canton Valais!


Next week we will put in place the “one shot” experience (50 CHF for 10 research) and we are planning to sell it to the small and medium enterprises before the New Year parties. Our goal is to sell at least 20 “one shot” experiences before the 15 of December.

If you know the S&M companies or you have one that could be interested, we will be happy to contact them and offer our product!

Thank you in advance and hopefully we will be back soon with more positive results!

Good day everyone!

The end of summer was busy for all of us. Many hotels from two to five stars were contacted in

cantons of Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Geneva and Fribourg. Most of them were happy to let us present
the project during a personal meeting. However, signing memberships is a time
requiring process for hotels because of the complexity of their hierarchy and August being a vacation
period for many marketing

Besides the hotels, some of the tourist information offices were contacted and may be our
potential clients too. seem to be a necessary tool to vary events led in Swiss cities and villages.


Furthermore, we were able to contact large expo centers and we have a meeting with Fribourg Forum Director on the 15th of October. After the study trip we are going to start contacting large businesses in the region in order to increase the possible scope of clients.

We are looking forward and hoping to meet our first customers and offer them the service they need!

Good day to everyone!

We are happy to announce that the website of is online and all the categories of artists are available!


Hotels, Enterprises, Bars & Restaurants can start to enjoy the advantages of the platform:

  • Most complete and update database
  • Decrease time of research for the artists
  • Have complete profiles of artists
  • Watch videos and photos of performances
  • See the agenda of the artists
  • Receive alert for the new artists

We have several memberships available for you:


We hope that you will become a member of the best platform of artists very soon!

Good day everyone!

One week left for the artists to sign up for free to the new artist database TROUVERLARTISTE.CH! The website will be lunged at the end of June and sales of memberships will be started in July. Until today about 50 artists had signed up to be a part of the best artist database and we are waiting for more profiles! Artists, who have signed up will be able to control their profiles, check their agenda and have a direct contact with businesses through the website!

We hope that those artists who did not sign up yet, will take the last week opportunity and send us their profiles to the . We are waiting for you profiles and ready to answer any questions that you have.


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logo trouverlartisteIn June the new platform TROUVERLARTISTE.CH for the artists will be available online. That represents a real opportunity for all artists to become a part of the database and for businesses to find their artists in the most efficient way!



Advantages for artists Advantages for business
Increase number of clients

Online platform

Free e-marketing

Online agenda

See comments and feedback

Receive a title of “The best artist of the season” take no commission

Benefit from the biggest database of artists

Save time for research

See the calendars of artists directly online

See performance vision or listen to music tracks

Give feedbacks and comments

Increase number of events and client’s satisfaction



TROUVERLARTISTE.CH is directed by the team of four people:

Trouverlartiste Team







Babina Kristina – Director of the project and communication with businesses

Mauris Adrienne – Marketing and Communication with artists

Chapari Samira – IT support

Zagreba Elena – Finance and Accounting