Snow has finally arrived in Switzerland!

The white gold came as a late Christmas present and it is these days that are adding another fresh layer to the mountain tops, allowing all winter enthusiasts pursuing their favourite activity: skiing, snowboarding, sledging, snowshoing, skinning or cross country skiing!

And obviously ‘Après Ski’ belongs to a perfect powder day. This gives us the chance to remind you of the places you can buy Swider in Verbier, if you get to enjoy your favourite sport there! Come have a taste of appleness in:

  • La Cucina
  • TBar
  • Offshore Café
  • Brasserie 1


Picture taken by Regine the lucky one of us living in the mountains!

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Team Swider thanks you for your support and wishes you a great ski season!


THANK YOU for 2014!

An exciting year for Swider is going towards its end!

Reflecting on the last 12 months we are proud to see our Swider bottles being sold in various places throughout Suisse Romande!

Therefore we would like to use this possiblity to thank our producer Maurice & Romaine Arbellay, our designers and distributors for their support and help to make Swider available in such a short time!

Thank you – for trying Swider and for your feedback and your support throughout the development of our Cider!

The Swider team is wishing you a merry Christmas and great and successful year 2015!1

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3, 2, 1…. GO !

We are so excited to share with you that SWIDER has been launched at Holy Cow – the Gourmet Burger Company – at their shop at Rue Cheneau-de-Bourg in Lausanne ! So feel free to come try it out along with one of Holy Cow’s creative burgers.

Swiders’ website will soon be up and running in different languages where we will provide you with information about the product, it’s creators and lots of new fun and tasty recipes to go with a sizzling fresh Swider…

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First Sales

The distribution of our precious beverage has started!! ArtSonic, a cultural association from Sierre (Valais), decided to promote our cider by selling it during their 15th anniversary party. They chose our brand for this evening which brought together more than 200 people in a warm and happy ambiance rhythmed by 3 concerts including « The Rambling Whells », a rock band from Neuchâtel.

More than 80 bottles were sold during this event located near our production site in Granges. The customers were very happy with our product!!!

Besides this first sales success we are already looking ahead in establishing a partnership with an expanding restaurant chain! More news about this exciting development will be coming soon!1

Team Swider, September 2014

Brace yourselves! …

Autumn marks the end of the summer (which was not even a proper one this year). It is the beginning of a new school year for those who are studying or a long work marathon until the Christmas holiday season for everyone else. Days are becoming every day a little shorter, temperatures are going down. Barbecues and drinks on sunny terraces are over and obviously it is way too early for the ski season…

Nothing much to look forward to isn’t it?

Oh wait! Autumn is the time for apple harvest and this year despite of all the rain it is a perfect year for fruits.

You are not too much into healthy snacks or compote?

There is of course another use for them: cider! And at Swider we are all excited about the new brew we are going to make out of this amazing crop!

We know you did not get to taste the first production yet but trust us once you will have tried it, you will be grateful that we planned ahead!


 The above meme is a nod to Yann and all Game of Thrones fans to remind you that winter may be coming but so is Swider!




Almost the end of summer… but you will soon have the opportunity to drink our fresh cider on a sunny terrace. Look at our brand new etiquette! Do you like it? So please, leave us your comments!SwiderAfter finishing the design of our bottles label we are currently printing and preparing the machines to properly stick them on the bottles.

In few weeks you will be able to taste the Swider cider in different bars in Verbier and Lausanne. We are looking to add other locations, bars and restaurants. If you have any suggestion, we will willingly take your advice!

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SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!


What’s up cider lovers!

Mmmm. After a few weeks of the final fermentation stages of our cider, we have tasted it and are very happy to tell you, it is delicious!! The design of our etiquette is almost ready, but we are very excited to present to you the two final choices for our logo, hoping you will like it as much as we do!







Here is a delicious recipe that we created which would perfectly accompany a fresh bottle of Swider:

Grilled Honey Sesame Chicken Wraps

Cut up your strips of chicken breasts, start cooking them in butter and half a bouillon cube. Add some dried rosemary, oregano, thym, garlic, honey and sesame seeds. Keep cooking until nicely grilled. In the meantime lay out your wrap, add some salad (cabbage if you like it), sliced zucchini and tomatoes. Then add some caeser salad dressing or thousand island (mayonnaise and ketchup). Once the chicken strips are nice and golden, lay them over the salad and sprinkle some delicious emmentaler cheese over EVERYTHING. Fold the wrap, take a sip of your nicely chilled Swider, and take a big bite into your delicious creation!

Ps. Also very tastey with a slice of mango inside

Hope you will get the chance to try this awesome concoction soon!

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SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!


SWIDER – Swiss Cider Sensation

What’s new?

Quite a bit! Our SWIDER is bottled!SWIDER Foto 1
Last week our producer, Mr Maurice Arbellay, bottled the first load of Cider! 1000 bottles will be ready for you to try soon!
As SWIDER is produced in an artisanal way, the added sugar for the last fermentation in the bottle will make sure that the cider has bubbles. This process is taking a couple of weeks.
In the meantime our logo is about to be finalized and the labels will be ready to be printed in the coming week.

We can’t wait to introduce you the final look of SWIDER very soon!






Maurice Arbellay has a little shop ‘Les Vergers du Soleil’ in Grange in the Rhône Valley. Pay him a visit and try his vegetables, fruits, wine and juice!

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SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!




SWIDER – Swiss Cider Sensation Swider team

How did the SWIDER project start?
Frustration of not finding Swiss Cider in bars nourished the idea of creating a locally produced Cider brand. Swider was born!

Switzerland with its gorgeous fruit production offers the opportunity to exploit nature for a variety of different products. Working together with local producers gives us the chance to support regional production sites as well as bringing a wonderful new refreshing drink to you!

Our group of five students are working very hard to finalize the taste and image of Swider and soon enough you will be able to find it in bars & restaurants close to you!

In the upcoming posts we will introduce our team, producer and products.

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SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!