Christmas time with PicYours

With the end of November Christmas finally starts. This magic time of the year is full of love and happiness. But for some people it is the start of a Christmas present rush.

Are you one of these people who do not know what presents to buy and do not have any time for shopping? Or are you just looking for something special and authentic?

On www.picyours.ch you can buy original canvas in different sizes. You can also upload and order your own pictures on canvas. The delivery time is only a little week! And if you order before December 7, we offer you a 15% discount!

See you soon

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Hi folks,
Read here what happend during the last weeks @ PicYours:

The PicYours Summer Contest

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By now, we collected 30 inspiring summer pictures from our great community… Thank you for this!

Participation is still open, so do not hesitate any longer and send us your summer picture 2014 by November 6 at the latest and maybe win the price of CHF 250.-

Your vote counts! With every like you help one of the “Artists” to win our competition. Hurry up and like your favourite one.

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We extended our social media activities and are now available on Instagram. So follow @picyours and find many more fantastic pictures from the most beautiful places on earth, and perhaps one of your own…

A bunch of “Artists” sent us over a hundred pictures from all over the world, but also from Switzerland during the last months. We are working hard to make them available on our website as soon as possible. Stay tuned, get your own and give your home a unique touch.

Merry Christmas!
Christmas is just around the corner and we are preparing a big surprise for all of you. So keep updated and find out more about it very soon…


 Take part in the “PicYours Contest” and boost your creativity!

Our website www.picyours.ch has been launched in June and our first sales have just begun. We have been pleased to get an order of 4 canvas from “EdelCert & InSpectorat”, who were looking for original and local pieces of decoration to put on the wall of their offices.







During September, the whole PicYours team has flown to Boston, MA: a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, discuss and improve our business and gather some creative ideas to share with you.

Summer is ended! We are sure you all have been travelling around the world or even in Switzerland. So, just pick your most incredible picture to participate in our “PicYours Contest”. The competition will run from October 6 to November 6. The most original picture will be determined through a 2-person jury as well as through the number of likes it has on our Facebook page. The winner will receive a prize for an amount of CHF 250.- So, just follow us on Facebook and drop us a mail with your very best picture of this last summer. We are waiting for you!

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Do you know what PicYours is ? Pictures taken all over the world, sold on different kind of supports to put on your wall. It’s simple, original and put some uniqueness in your home !

So now, take a look at our brand-new website. In collaboration with Marc Surchat, we are happy to offer you a platform where you will find all these pics, get interaction with our photographers and maybe even sell your very own pics.

So, just register: it’s so easy ! As a photographer, give us all your details and share your original pics. As someone who seeks originality, a very special gift, or simply the possibility to print your own pictures at a fair price, get a username and a login and go to our e-shop.


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In brief, we want to let you know a little bit more about the team PicYours.

Anne is responsible for all our communication. She will ensure that our Facebook page is up to date and will make it all more fun for you guys !

Olivier is in charge for your orders. He is the link between you and our printer.

Nanna will check all your wonderful pictures and see if the quality is high enough to be accepted on PicYours.ch

Florian will finally check your order before sending it to you and will customize your packet.

And finally, Pedro is our finance man, thanks to him, you will be rewarded when the time comes!


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Website: PicYours.ch

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCerZTZWLWn_hKYQzf8_QcwA

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Looking for originality on your wall? PicYours is here for you!

Are YOU – as we are – tired of seeing the same ordinary yellow taxis, red buses or cities by night on walls? Do YOU also want to have something that represents yourself on YOUR walls?

Stop watching out, start finding. PicYours is here for YOU!

PicYours offers a large choice of landscapes, moments and many other things we’ve all seen or lived once in our life. You will find that one special piece that represents yourself or awakes a feeling or an old memory in YOUR mind. Authentic posters & canvas from all around the world are now available on our website between CHF 34.90 and CHF 109.90.


Feel home – buy authentic wall decorations on picyours.ch



Website: http://www.PicYours.ch
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCerZTZWLWn_hKYQzf8_QcwA

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Looking for originality and authenticity? Looking for a way to express yourself and share it with others?

PicYours is the link between non-professional photographers as you and I and people wanting to give their homes a unique touch.

You, the photographer, just need to share your most original pictures on our platform. For every sale of one of your pictures, you will be rewarded! You, looking for something different to put on your walls, will find a large choice of original pictures on our website to buy printed in any format and on any support you want.

PicYours Team


The idea, where does it come from? From the creative and entrepreneurial mind of 5 MBA students who have recognized original, sometimes very local, canvas as an opportunity compared to the well-known yellow NYC taxis posters that all your friends have at home. Nanna, Anne, Olivier, Florian and Pedro, the best mix of skills and experiences to see this project through.

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Check out PicYours video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI1gsDY2A4U

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Website coming very soon: www.picyours.ch