L’Empreinte Ethno

L’Empreinte Ethno


As we told you before, the stylist is working on the new collection. But it is not the one we talked to you about before. It is a new one as it takes more time as planned. Anyway we are looking forward to present you this jewels.

Some members of L’Empreinte Ethno were in Massachussets for a two weeks study trip, more precisely at the WPI in Worcester and in Boston, well know for the MIT and Harvard University.

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There, we have met potential partners. Of course, you will say isn’t it to risky to start a partnership outside Switzerland while the collection is not yet launched? It is but we would like to give others the chance to be unique as you with the pieces of clothes of L’Empreinte Ethno. Moreover, during this trip one of the watchword was: as an entrepreneur you have to try even if you fail. On the frame of Boston University is the following quote: “there are no mistakes, only lessons”.


So yes, L’Empreinte Ethno is ready to extend to Boston and make even more people happy.











Stay connected to discover the new collection soon . Be patient…


You are unique. And your clothes?


Le pagne est un tissu extraordinaire qui se s’adapte à tout mode de vie. Il peut se porter en tenue de soirée ou de ville, tout dépend de vous.
Il apporte une touche d’originalité dans votre quotidien.


Vous êtes uniques, et vos vêtements?

Ses motifs et sa texture lui confèrent une particularité sans pareille.

Au fil des années, le pagne trouve une place de marque dans la société car peu importe la saison il reste un élément indémodable

Empreinte Ethno

We are Marie Paule and Moustapha from the Venture in Action group L’Empreinte Ethno.

Team Ethno

We are producing and selling limited clothes collections in western fashion style made off African tissues.










The brand new collection will be available on www.empreinte-ethno.ch by the end of June.