Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche

2014 is over and we had an exciting year full of achievements, difficulties to overcome but also full of great satisfactions! First of all we would like to welcome Steve Grisoni, our new member who has recently joined the team. A huge thanks to all our supporters too!

Carte Blanche team is now working on the new collection and the fresh catalogue will be soon available on our website and living room. In the meanwhile, we are investing our effort in improving the production process and the communication and public relations operations. Indeed, we presented our concept to Audi in Sion. The promotional stand attracted many interested people and their feedbacks. Due to those inputs we were able to rethink our strategy and define in a better way who our target customers are. The new strategy had an impact on our image and brand which lead us to change our graphic chart and thus our website to something younger and more contemporary.

So check out our new website!

Promotional stand @Audi


Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche

This month, the Carte Blanche team would like to share with you some further explanations about our marketing and advertising campaigns. Indeed, now that the production line is well installed and ready to work, it is important for us to get known quickly to capture new customers and market share. To do so, advertising process remains the most effective way to rapidly increase our sales. To this end, our marketing efforts are divided into several operations, such as:

Fall-winter collection photo shooting








Stand brand’s presence in various local markets through a partnership at various events.

Creation of promotional goodies











Communication and public relations operations at various local events like Paleo Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival and Locarno Film Festival.

Promotional cars travelling around Wallis









Carte Blanche will soon take off to the United States in order to look for some new market share and expand a bit more the business overseas. Stay tuned for upcoming stories of our adventures on the east coast!

Carte Blanche

Even though summer is here, the sun is shining and people go on vacation, business does not stop!

The development of our company keeps going, and the first customers’ orders have arrived. The very first clients feedback are interesting and after several missions of public representation in important events (Montreux Jazz and Paleo Festival), the backlog is growing quickly!

In order to meet the demands of our future customers, we must now prepare the best way possible our sewing workshop, located near Sion, Wallis. In addition to our designer and workshop director, we will soon hire an intern as a seamstress to help us in our everyday tasks. To do so, two team members of Carte Blanche recently went visiting the “Ecole of Couture of Valais”, located in Sierre.3


We have been warmly received in the workshops of the school, where we had the unique opportunity to present our project to more than thirty very interested teenage girls.

5 4






After an hour of presentation and a 45-minute Q&A session, we distributed our business cards to the most interested persons in getting involved in our start-up development.

We already have received three resumes of future potential trainees, great feeling! We are about to examine which one of these talented young seamstresses will help us improve our product quality and production speed!

Carte Blanche

1Summertime is finally here! And during summer arises this great feeling to wear lighter, clearer, shorter and fresher clothes, exactly what is providing your favourite fashion brand !

Before summer vacations, let us take time to inform you about our latest news from your team Carte Blanche. Indeed, many things happened to us since our presentation-pitch at CFB Freiburg.

First, our team moved from 4 to 3 members, with now the strong intention to focus in a stronger way about the growing success of the brand.










Second, we are proud to announce you the grand opening of our very first boutique!

The show-room was inaugurated at the beginning of June and is located in Vuisse, Wallis. Easily accessible from the highway in direction of the hills above Sion, it allows interested and curious customers to come and admire the different available patterns and textiles. The clients who will come here will also have the privilege to get their sizes taken on site in order to directly get a piece of clothing even more unique.

Carte Blanche

Banner Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche: be your own designer!

Would you like to wear something unique? Created by yourself? Would you like to choose details of your shirts in order to feel original and good?

Carte Blanche is here for you!


This fashion brand is composed of a young dynamic team, bringing an idea which consists in offering a great opportunity to wear unique and original clothes. By now, we’re already offering a fantastic man collection line including shirts, pants and suits.

Our online platform, available soon, will allow our customers to become the designers of their own creations. But until then, you can contact us though e-mail via So, don’t hesitate, click and like to our Facebook page “Carte Blanche”.

Carte Blanche is composed by a team of 4 people with different backgrounds, professional experiences, origins and we will be happy to help you in creating something unique according to your style!


Team Carte Blanche

Your team Carte Blanche:

  • Left: Francesca Cerza & Nicolas Islam,
  • Right: Judith Mbaille A Koul & Thomas Pfister











Stay tuned, more other fresh news are coming soon 😉