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ViA Updates – Dronify


Advertising from the sky with Dronify will take your marketing to a whole new level. Our drone advertising can be used to give your brand an unprecedented level of exposure and visibility. We can use your own design or create it in-house and get Candice to fly as high as 150 meters. Visit us at


TOOPY, a child’s play: Easy, quick and fun!

Cannot find things you really want in the shops or they are just not worthy of the price? Have too many things piled up in your apartment but you just never use them?

TOOPY is the simplest classified ads’ smartphone application. You can quickly register a new account or put on an ad within just several clicks. People can use TOOPY from their smartphones whenever they want and wherever they are, and connecting to others who share the same value to allocate resources efficiently with least cost and waste. The idea is to foster people living in the same area to sell and buys things amongst themselves. This also developed in an eco-awareness, in order to reduce waste and car trips for unnecessary reason.

What make us different?

  • Simplicity
  • Time spent decreased
  • Connect people
  • Eco-friendly

This application TOOPY is on development for the moment but it twill be available very soon on Android!



VIA – Sorbet Seduction

Bonjour à tous,

L’équipe du Sorbet Séduction est fière de vous présenter son sorbet au vin blanc de muscat. Ce sorbet artisanal et local a été élaboré avec l’aide de plusieurs chefs cuisiniers de renom pour trouver le goût fruité et rafraichissant qui le caractérisent.

Les participants à la marche gourmande “le Goût des alpages” qui a eu lieu à Anzère en août dernier ont déjà eu la chance de goûter au Sorbet Séduction.

Les prochains chanceux sont les participants au souper du foot du FC Granges-Marnand qui aura lieu en novembre 2015 et qui comptera une centaine de participants.

Si la curiosité de goûter à ce produit unique vous titille les papilles gustatives, vous pouvez contacter l’équipe du Sorbet Séduction via son site internet ou sa page Facebook.

HEG Fribourg Student awarded at the Entrepreneur Award 2015

Antoinette Entrepreneurclub

Une étudiante de la HEG Fribourg remporte la deuxième place de l’Entrepreneur Award 2015

Riedholz, 19. Juni 2015 – Dans le but de promouvoir l’industrie auprès des jeunes diplômés, la quatrième édition du prix de l’entrepreneur 2015 s’est déroulée le 19 juin dernier à Riedholz, Soleure par l’ancien conseiller fédéral, Samuel Schmid.

Les prix ont été décernés parmi des étudiants de niveau Bachelor, Master et EMBA ayant écrit une thèse dans le domaine de l’entrepreneuriat ou du leadership. Les dossiers ont été déposés par huit hautes écoles de Suisse.

Un prix prestigieux

Antoinette Musard, étudiante de la Haute école de gestion Fribourg a remporté le second prix grâce à son travail de Master : Mentoring relationships: mentors‘ skills & best practices for startup companies. Elle a eu la chance de recevoir un chèque, des heures de coaching avec un entrepreneur de son choix et une année d’adhésion à l’entrepreneur Club, grâce auquel elle aura l’opportunité de créer de nombreux contacts.

Ce n’est pas la première fois qu’une étudiante de la Haute école de gestion Fribourg reçoit un prix de l’entrepreneur. En 2012, Sabine Suter avait remporté la première place grâce à son travail de Master : A perception of the entrepreneurial environment at Imperial College.


HSW Freiburg Studentin wird am Entrepreneur Award 2015 ausgezeichnet

Riedholz, 19. Juni 2015 – Zur Förderung aufstrebender Hochschulabsolventen aus dem Wirtschaftsbereich wurde am 19. Juni in Riedholz, Solothurn, der vierte Entrepreneur Award durch alt Bundesrat Samuel Schmid verliehen. Prämiert wurden drei herausragende Bachelor-, MBA- und EMBA-Diplomarbeiten im Bereich Leader- oder Entrepreneurship, die 2015 von acht Schweizer Fachhochschulen eingereicht worden sind.

Renommierter Award

Den zweiten Platz erzielte Antoinette Musard, Studentin an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft Fribourg mit ihrer Masterarbeit über Mentorenrollen in Start up Firmen (Mentoring relationships: mentors‘ skills&best practices for startup companies). Die ausgezeichneten Studierenden erhalten ein stattliches Preisgeld, Coaching-Stunden bei einem Entrepreneur-Mentor ihrer Wahl und eine Jahresmitgliedschaft im Entrepreneur Club, wo sie dank einem exklusiven Netzwerk wertvolle Kontakte knüpfen können.

Im Jahr 2012 gewann bereits schon einmal eine HSW-Studentin: Sabine Suter holte mit ihrer Masterarbeit zum Thema Entreprenerurial Ecosystem den Preis nach Fribourg.

Carte Blanche

2014 is over and we had an exciting year full of achievements, difficulties to overcome but also full of great satisfactions! First of all we would like to welcome Steve Grisoni, our new member who has recently joined the team. A huge thanks to all our supporters too!

Carte Blanche team is now working on the new collection and the fresh catalogue will be soon available on our website and living room. In the meanwhile, we are investing our effort in improving the production process and the communication and public relations operations. Indeed, we presented our concept to Audi in Sion. The promotional stand attracted many interested people and their feedbacks. Due to those inputs we were able to rethink our strategy and define in a better way who our target customers are. The new strategy had an impact on our image and brand which lead us to change our graphic chart and thus our website to something younger and more contemporary.

So check out our new website!

Promotional stand @Audi


Bridge Selection

The VIA program will soon be over and to end it with a flourish, Bridge Selection will make a special “sales day” event. All items will be sold at very good prices on Saturday, February 14th. In addition, we will have special valentine items and a wide range of branded goods such as watches, handbags and coats. For more information, please contact us at:


Snow has finally arrived in Switzerland!

The white gold came as a late Christmas present and it is these days that are adding another fresh layer to the mountain tops, allowing all winter enthusiasts pursuing their favourite activity: skiing, snowboarding, sledging, snowshoing, skinning or cross country skiing!

And obviously ‘Après Ski’ belongs to a perfect powder day. This gives us the chance to remind you of the places you can buy Swider in Verbier, if you get to enjoy your favourite sport there! Come have a taste of appleness in:

  • La Cucina
  • TBar
  • Offshore Café
  • Brasserie 1


Picture taken by Regine the lucky one of us living in the mountains!

As a new year resolution we set the goal to hit the 300 likes on Facebook: can you help us reach this?

Team Swider thanks you for your support and wishes you a great ski season!


THANK YOU for 2014!

An exciting year for Swider is going towards its end!

Reflecting on the last 12 months we are proud to see our Swider bottles being sold in various places throughout Suisse Romande!

Therefore we would like to use this possiblity to thank our producer Maurice & Romaine Arbellay, our designers and distributors for their support and help to make Swider available in such a short time!

Thank you – for trying Swider and for your feedback and your support throughout the development of our Cider!

The Swider team is wishing you a merry Christmas and great and successful year 2015!1

Find out more about and where to find Swider under or join us on Facebook