Author: Cristina Lendvai

ColorMyGeneva – The New Website for Nightlife in Geneva Hamdani, a master student of the second generation has recently launched a website offering an online nightlife service. The website offers  an extensive list of bars and clubs and related information based on the principle of a one stop shop.

Nightclubs, bars, pubs, lounges, restaurants, events, shows, concerts, all this in one single website! ColormyGeneva tenders unlimited and unrestricted access to explore all of the hottest clubs and bars in Geneva. It also features Geneva’s nightlife news as well as shares what goes on in the most exclusive invite only events. Moreover, the colormygeneva  facebook group allows people with common nightlife interests to share ideas and comments.

About the Founder

Samira Hamdani is a master student of the second generation and currently writing her master thesis. Moreover, she is a very social, open-minded and dynamic person which is very well presented in her newly launched website. Regarding her professional experience, Samira’s background lies in Private Banking and Administration. Nevertheless, she is also interested in marketing, commodity trading and project management. However, due to Samira’s curious nature we would probably add more areas of interest to this list.

Samira’s Testimonial

Tired of not knowing what to do during the weekend in Geneva? The new site for the night birds is in the house! Clubs, bars, news, you will know what happens in the city of Calvin.