Sin Hong Joo: testimonials of HEG-FR & SMU immersion program

Being in Fribourg, Switzerland, has been an amazing experience for me so far. Every day is a learning experience in RegenHU.

1I am Sin Hong Joo, a student from Singapore Management University currently in my second year in university. I am pursuing a bachelor degree in business management with a major in operations management and marketing. I am here for a 10 – 12 weeks Immersion Program, a joint collaboration between HEG-FR and SMU. It provides entrepreneurial exposure for students through an internship with a start-up or SME organization either attached or located near the university. It delivers an experience in an entrepreneurial environment as a part of students’ education.

I have been attached to RegenHU. RegenHU is an innovative biomedical company located in Switzerland, belonging to the CPA Group SA. RegenHU provides these 3 main services. Therapeutic & Biosurgery, Drug discovery and system engineering.

Something that interest me significantly in Switzerland is the extent that its citizen care for the environment. For example, 47% of waste in Switzerland is recycled. I am grateful to have the chance to experience how Switzerland can achieve this. Hopefully, I will be able to impart and implement such a recycling system within Singapore one day.


Enjoying the view from the cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne

Although it has only been a short stay in Switzerland so far, it has certainly been an eye-opening experience so far working with RegenHU. The power distance is much lower than that within Singapore. I can carry out conversation casually with my bosses which makes the facilitation of work much more efficient and effective than in Singapore. The work-life balance and flexibility given to me has been surprising as well. Here in Switzerland, efficiency is prioritise over hours worked. Despite my short stay in Switzerland, I too believe that this system is superior over the one implemented within Singapore.

In spite of all these differences, Switzerland is relatively similar to Singapore. Singapore has many similar systems and rules with Switzerland. There are plenty of greenery all around Switzerland which makes me feel like I am home in Singapore. In fact, it took me a few days to realise that I am in a different country.

I hope that in these 10 weeks here in Switzerland, I will be able to meet new friends, learn new skills and experience what it is like to be a Swiss citizen.

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