Jonathan Lok: testimonials of HEG-FR & SMU immersion program

I am Jonathan, a Sophomore business management student majoring in Operations and Analytics. The reason why I chose Switzerland is because I know that Switzerland is similar to Singapore in many ways, one of which includes its start-up environment. Hence, I would want to learn from the start-ups here and perhaps gain new insights from working here.


This is a view that I appreciate a lot as Singapore only has skyscrapers and almost no greenery

Despite flying 10,350km and experiencing a 6-hour time difference between Switzerland and Singapore, there is a sense of familiarity that fills me even when I am this far away from home. In my short stay in Fribourg, Switzerland thus far, I have had a myriad of positive experience – from the warm greetings we receive whenever we meet a local, the amazing view of mountains in the horizon as well as the peaceful lifestyle here in Fribourg.

2Although both Singapore and Switzerland has potable water, there are no actual drinking water fountains in public in Singapore where you can quench your thirst there and then. As a new visitor to Switzerland, it is certainly exciting to know that the water comes directly from the mountains, instead of reservoirs!

Having started work officially at RegenHU yesterday, I also feel that the working culture here is something Asian countries should learn from, such that there are fixed lengths of working hours. This focus on work-life balance is crucial in my opinion in having an efficient workforce and at the same time increasing the quality of work produced during the working hours.

As a Singaporean, I feel privileged that I could come to Switzerland and I hope to learn as much as I can from the start-ups in this country!

The 10 – 12 weeks Immersion Program, a joint collaboration between HEG FR and SMU, is an entrepreneurial exposure for students through an internship with a start-up or SME organization either attached or located near the university where the program is offered. It delivers an experience in an entrepreneurial environment as a part of students’ education.

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