With the 2017 Master Program about to begin at the Haute École de Gestion (HEG) of Fribourg, Raphaël Gaudart, the Executive Director, needed to find a quick and efficient way of evaluating the English level of his 24 students. The perfect solution was to find a comprehensive online English level test.

While looking through the websites of various online English academies, he came upon the Break Into English website, an academy that specializes in online English classes via Skype. To quote his own words, he was “impressed” by their general English and business English tests.

Immediately, he saw the tests as a powerful tool that could give him a global idea of his students’ English levels. Yet, for a more comprehensive and precise evaluation, it was necessary to have qualified and experienced English teachers determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student during short assessment lessons via Skype.

Thus, Mr. Gaudart contacted Break Into English to see if it would be possible to organize assessment lessons of 20 minutes each with every student enrolled in his Master program. They took up the task and, after scheduling the lessons according to each student’s availabilities, devised a dynamic lesson plan that included listening, speaking, and oral-based grammar activities. These activities, which increased in difficulty as the lesson went on, gave an accurate idea of each student’s level by the end of the assessment lesson.

The results were sent to HEG and Mr. Gaudart with a complete student evaluation containing:

  • A report card with grades for general comprehension, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Concise feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each student along with some comments on the types of activities the student could work on in order to improve his weak points.

By the end of the process, Mr. Gaudart was very pleased with the work that had been done. For a reasonable price, he now had a good idea of his students’ English level. He also knew that he could count on a dependable partner for professional English lessons via Skype if some of his students needed to improve their level quickly during the program.

Mr. Gaudart intends to make use of the service next year to assess the English level of his students for the 2018 HEG Master Program.

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