TOOPY, a child’s play: Easy, quick and fun!

Cannot find things you really want in the shops or they are just not worthy of the price? Have too many things piled up in your apartment but you just never use them?

TOOPY is the simplest classified ads’ smartphone application. You can quickly register a new account or put on an ad within just several clicks. People can use TOOPY from their smartphones whenever they want and wherever they are, and connecting to others who share the same value to allocate resources efficiently with least cost and waste. The idea is to foster people living in the same area to sell and buys things amongst themselves. This also developed in an eco-awareness, in order to reduce waste and car trips for unnecessary reason.

What make us different?

  • Simplicity
  • Time spent decreased
  • Connect people
  • Eco-friendly

This application TOOPY is on development for the moment but it twill be available very soon on Android!



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