The young Swiss entrepreneurs in China: they are successful!

Is doing business in China a big challenge – and even more if we are young and not in the technology field?

For my master thesis, I interviewed 7 entrepreneurs who successfully launched a non-tech business and tried to figure out which steps they had to go through. Do you also want to launch a startup in China? See how swissnex key words, that accompany me during the redaction of my master thesis, can help you too!

Shanghai Banbgobike

Shanghai Bamboo Bike



Jonas Design


The LeanCase

The LeanCase



Integrate Chinese Life

Integrate Chinese Life




The networking is crucial. To know people who can help you and connect you with the Community helps to come closer to your future customers’ needs. You can see on the picture Simon (left) talking about his startup Saucepan. Hans (right) from the startup Neemic just discovered possible synergies with people from the Swiss project Race for Water!



I organized events during my mission at swissnex to help to promote the young Swiss entrepreneurs and give them some visibility. These entrepreneurs are now regularly invited to talk to delegations that spend time at swissnex. You will soon discover small videos on swissnex social media which will introduce them and their amazing products/services.



Have a lot of contact with potential stakeholders and with other young Swiss entrepreneurs is useful to share experience, be known and get feedbacks. As the much appreciated organized event on the Swiss National day facilitated the first contact between the young Swiss entrepreneurs, we are already preparing the next. The second edition will have the purpose for them to meet other entrepreneurs with more experience on the Chinese market.


I wish them all the best for the successful development of their young startup!

Written by: Laurence Niquille

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