Laurence @ Swissnex Shanghai

As we know, China is moving very fast. At Swissnex too, a lot happens! Let’s have a look at the next important event that will take place in Shanghai between Swiss and Chinese entrepreneurs and learn to know 2 up-coming Swiss start-ups I interviewed!

Next event!


The lift Conference will take place for the second time in Shanghai, and the preparations are in full swing. I am convinced that the Swiss night will be a big success, as it is a good opportunity to discover the technologies of tomorrow, share knowledge and network with some of the brightest Swiss and Chinese minds.

Guest stars of the month, emfab and ScanTrust

I had the chance to interview two Swiss start-ups who are growing and considering Asia and specifically China in their development plans. Do you know them? Check that small summary; they will be fore sure well-known soon!

2Emfab is a young start-up run by two engineers from the ETH Zürich since a year.

It offers its customers technical consulting services for the design and engineering of mechanical systems, electrical circuits and micro-systems. The team elaborates functional solutions for companies’ technical challenges.

Something makes Emfab very special in our eyes: the team is made of one Chinese man and one Swiss woman; this cultural complementarity allows them to be strong on both markets. Both partners know the importance of being patient in building a trustworthy relationship with the Chinese fabrics and how precise they have to behave to be recognized from Swiss customers.

Thanks to their high quality service, tailored manufacturing solutions, short delivery times and competitive prices, they are on a good way to continue on the success wave they are surfing on at the moment.

3Also at the beginning of their success story and after closing a $1,2 million round of initial seed funding led by AngelVest Group and SOS Ventures, ScanTrust is another Swiss start-up who has to be known ! Based at the EPFL Innovation Park, it has a branch in Shanghai with a team of 15 people and had previously joined the CTI market entry camp in China.

The basic idea of ScanTrust is to offer a platform based on the world’s first copy-proof. Therefore, by using this service through a smartphone-app, the producers, distributors as well as the final customers can easily authenticate and localize goods across the whole value chain.

See you soon for further news about life in Shanghai!

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