Study Trip – Last Day

Meeting at Boston University
We began the last day of our study trip with lectures at Boston University. First with professor Vinit Nijhawan, who told us that the entrepreneur’s focus and only ambition is to satisfy customer needs. Then the last lecture was giving by Mr Erik Molander, who taught us the customer discovery phase analysis which must be a central piece of the entrepreneurial mindset. Thereafter we had the privilege to talk to both of them during the lunch break.








Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship & Novartis
In the afternoon we went to the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, where we had the honour the meet Bill Autet. His presentation was about the 24 steps to a successful start-up, a schema which appears in his book, a must read for future entrepreneurs.









The day as well as this trip ended in the Novartis building. We had a “solar impulse and the Swiss American aerospace connections” conference preceded by a networking session. This conference was held by the MIT professor Olivier De Weck. We learned the technological advances in this field as well as the issues they face.








Boston and Worcester are cities we recommend not only for study trips or pleasure but definitely for business.

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