Meet some Entrepreneurs

Meeting to NeuroPhage:

This morning we started with the visit of the company NeuroPhage, an innovative Therapeutic platform, for a meeting with the co-founder Mr Hampus Hillestorm.

Mr Hampus told us, that “company’s value is mostly driven by getting the right people at the right time”. To him, it is “important to decide who is a founder, when 2 or more people would create a company” and it is crucial to “don’t work with people for which the principal attract is Money and Option”. With him we learned the basic rules when you launch a start up.


Rewards and Challenges for European companies when entering US Market.

We returned to Swissnex to have a conference with Mr. Jos Scheffelaar, the CEO of LaunchInUS Alliance about the Rewards and Challenges for European companies when entering US Market.

When we would enter in the US Market, there are three elements that must be considered:

  • Business Environment: while the US is the country of Great Opportunities and where the market is brutally competitive, with no consideration for international company.
  • Marketing Challenge: because the market has more segment in a particular industry than a single European country and American people want to quickly understand the product’s value.
  • Other Challenges as: hire local sales & marketing talent but we do stay careful to select whom we hire and be careful for the location of the 1st office


The afternoon start with a stop at Aeronaut, which is an incubator for food start-ups. It was an amazing to see the energy of those people and their passion for what they are doing. The incubator has start-up in beers, chocolate and others all artisanal. The logo is a simple can opening but if you pay more attention you could see a balloon, the aim is to say that in every little thing you can have an adventure.


The next door was an indoor climbing and fitness center named Brooklyn Boulders. They have space for climbing, fitness, yoga and more. But they don’t want to be seen as a simple center of fitness and indoor climbing that’s why they create a space for to chill out and a space to work on your computer. What is important to them is to create a community where everyone feels good.

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