Team Swider, September 2014

Brace yourselves! …

Autumn marks the end of the summer (which was not even a proper one this year). It is the beginning of a new school year for those who are studying or a long work marathon until the Christmas holiday season for everyone else. Days are becoming every day a little shorter, temperatures are going down. Barbecues and drinks on sunny terraces are over and obviously it is way too early for the ski season…

Nothing much to look forward to isn’t it?

Oh wait! Autumn is the time for apple harvest and this year despite of all the rain it is a perfect year for fruits.

You are not too much into healthy snacks or compote?

There is of course another use for them: cider! And at Swider we are all excited about the new brew we are going to make out of this amazing crop!

We know you did not get to taste the first production yet but trust us once you will have tried it, you will be grateful that we planned ahead!


 The above meme is a nod to Yann and all Game of Thrones fans to remind you that winter may be coming but so is Swider!


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