Carte Blanche

Even though summer is here, the sun is shining and people go on vacation, business does not stop!

The development of our company keeps going, and the first customers’ orders have arrived. The very first clients feedback are interesting and after several missions of public representation in important events (Montreux Jazz and Paleo Festival), the backlog is growing quickly!

In order to meet the demands of our future customers, we must now prepare the best way possible our sewing workshop, located near Sion, Wallis. In addition to our designer and workshop director, we will soon hire an intern as a seamstress to help us in our everyday tasks. To do so, two team members of Carte Blanche recently went visiting the “Ecole of Couture of Valais”, located in Sierre.3


We have been warmly received in the workshops of the school, where we had the unique opportunity to present our project to more than thirty very interested teenage girls.

5 4






After an hour of presentation and a 45-minute Q&A session, we distributed our business cards to the most interested persons in getting involved in our start-up development.

We already have received three resumes of future potential trainees, great feeling! We are about to examine which one of these talented young seamstresses will help us improve our product quality and production speed!

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