Nathalie’s last report

20140626_170500Today I am going to tell you about my last week in Boston and I can’t really believe it’s already over. Unfortunately, I was a little bit sick at the beginning of the week and spent most of the time at the office writing my final report about my time at swissnex.

On Wednesday I watched the Switzerland vs Honduras with some friends and was very happy to see the Swiss team win! After this great game I went to an opening event from Coalition. This company provides co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and just opened a new location in the hearth of Boston. The office is in the 19th floor of a building in Downtown and has an amazing view over Boston.

Midweek I was getting nervous as the ending of my stay at swissnex was getting closer. On thursday, we  went for lunch in a pub and watch the soccer game between Germany and USA with some of the swissnex interns . It was a great atmosphere as there were a lot of Americans. In the evening I helped preparing a last swissnex event: a farewell party for the HESAV students from Switzerland. They have been studying in Boston for 4 weeks with students from Chile and from the Boston College.

My last day at swissnex was very busy. Most of the day, I was writing my final report. For lunch I bought a last time my favourite food Sushi! After work we had a farewell apero for Laura, an intern, and for me as well. We both got a farewell present. My present was a cool map from Boston and a book with lots of selfies inside. I laughed a lot when I looked through the book! We spent the night at Central Square for a big dance party in the streets. The place was very crowded, but we all had a lot of fun.

I had an amazing time in Boston! Found great friends and of course we had so much fun together. I will miss the people, but now I’m very excited about my trip along the US east coast. It was a pleasure to report every week from my time in Boston and I wish you guys a great summer! See you soon in Switzerland

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