SWIDER – Swiss Cider Sensation

What’s new?

Quite a bit! Our SWIDER is bottled!SWIDER Foto 1
Last week our producer, Mr Maurice Arbellay, bottled the first load of Cider! 1000 bottles will be ready for you to try soon!
As SWIDER is produced in an artisanal way, the added sugar for the last fermentation in the bottle will make sure that the cider has bubbles. This process is taking a couple of weeks.
In the meantime our logo is about to be finalized and the labels will be ready to be printed in the coming week.

We can’t wait to introduce you the final look of SWIDER very soon!






Maurice Arbellay has a little shop ‘Les Vergers du Soleil’ in Grange in the Rhône Valley. Pay him a visit and try his vegetables, fruits, wine and juice!

Stay tuned for more SWIDER adventures on our facebook page:

SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!



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