Carte Blanche

1Summertime is finally here! And during summer arises this great feeling to wear lighter, clearer, shorter and fresher clothes, exactly what is providing your favourite fashion brand !

Before summer vacations, let us take time to inform you about our latest news from your team Carte Blanche. Indeed, many things happened to us since our presentation-pitch at CFB Freiburg.

First, our team moved from 4 to 3 members, with now the strong intention to focus in a stronger way about the growing success of the brand.










Second, we are proud to announce you the grand opening of our very first boutique!

The show-room was inaugurated at the beginning of June and is located in Vuisse, Wallis. Easily accessible from the highway in direction of the hills above Sion, it allows interested and curious customers to come and admire the different available patterns and textiles. The clients who will come here will also have the privilege to get their sizes taken on site in order to directly get a piece of clothing even more unique.

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