News from Boston

2014-06-02-13 43 39

The time is flying too fast – half of my sabbatical at swissnex Boston is already over! This week we hadn’t a lot of events. Like every Monday morning we started the week with our overview meeting. After, we prepared the whole event space for the afternoon event: Wireless Autonomous Sensors for Global Challenges – Air and Water Quality. Swissnex and the EPFL welcomed over fifty visitors and five speakers from MIT Civil & Environmental Engineering, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA, Harvard School of Public Health, Siemens Germany and FogFinder. The aim was to discuss about the latest advances in wireless sensor technology for water and air quality monitoring with US and international experts . In my point of view the presentation of the project FogFinder was the most interesting, as the idea is to generate new renewable sources of water. It’s a wireless sensor grid which allows to figure out where the fog is, when it comes and from which direction. The initial testing work has been performed in a dry region of Chile. To have an image of this work check out the video on the following website:

2014-06-04-12 28 21Since I have been in Boston, my favourite food is sushi. Every Wednesday is ‘Sushi Wednesday’ at Broadway Market near to swissnex and it costs only 5 dollars. But as I fell so much in love with sushi, I also eat some on other days. To be honest, in this short time in Boston I was eating more sushi than in my whole life!

On Thursday night we went a second time to the Venture Café. We were promoting the Global Pitchfest again, which will be held in one and a half week. I really like the startup atmosphere at the Venture Café. Everyone is networking and you can have great discussions. Next week will be very busy and I’m already very excited about it.

I spent my whole weekend with friends. We were eating pancakes on Saturday and omelets for breakfast on Sunday , joined the river festival in Cambridge, could laugh at a comedy show and enjoyed the weather at the beach in South Boston. As you can see, life in Boston is hard and intense!

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