Nathalie @ Swissnex

2014-05-26-15 00 54We started the past week with a day off: The Unites States were celebrating the Memorial Day. It is a federal holiday for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the armed forces. It’s every year on the last Monday of May and marks the start of the summer season. A garden of 37’000 flags was planted at the Boston Common – the oldest public city park in the United States. The flags honor and remember every fallen Massachusetts service member from the Revolutionary War to the present.

Tuesday we caught up the weekly meeting at swissnex. But we weren’t a lot of people as many of the team used the Memorial Day to take one more day off. In the afternoon we prepared the event room for the evening event. Swissnex hosted a panel discussion about urban farming: “from vision to reality – a Swiss perspective”. We had about 100 guests and four panel speakers. The speakers talked about urban farming in Switzerland and Massachusetts and about the advantages and challenges this activity faces. The Swiss start-up Urban Farmers ( started a project in Basel: the first commercial aquaponic rooftop farm. Their vision and idea is to eat really fresh. Aquaponic is their key solution to produce fresh fish and healthy vegetables.

14284117696_de8d7e93f4_b2On Wednesday we had an internal aperitif as one of the interns had his farewell. Elias was a junior project manager in higher education for seven months. He was the senior of all interns and symbolically  passed the “golden senior pick” to Laura, the next senior for two months. The rest of the week was very quiet. I was helping swissnex creating flyers for the Global Pitchfest in June (I lastly wrote about it) and was writing reports about the past events.

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