Looking for originality and authenticity? Looking for a way to express yourself and share it with others?

PicYours is the link between non-professional photographers as you and I and people wanting to give their homes a unique touch.

You, the photographer, just need to share your most original pictures on our platform. For every sale of one of your pictures, you will be rewarded! You, looking for something different to put on your walls, will find a large choice of original pictures on our website to buy printed in any format and on any support you want.

PicYours Team


The idea, where does it come from? From the creative and entrepreneurial mind of 5 MBA students who have recognized original, sometimes very local, canvas as an opportunity compared to the well-known yellow NYC taxis posters that all your friends have at home. Nanna, Anne, Olivier, Florian and Pedro, the best mix of skills and experiences to see this project through.

PicYours Logo






Check out PicYours video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI1gsDY2A4U

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Website coming very soon: www.picyours.ch


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