Bridge Selection

Logo Bridge SelectionWhat does it take to know if a business idea is good? Is it the market reaction and as a result the product/service profitability? If it is this way, then the only way to be sure is by testing an idea for real, by launching a business and by seeing how the market reacts. However, the market can be very rude, give little time to adapt, capital can be gone long before a business become lucrative. Then comes the Ventures in Action program! Students from the Master in Entrepreneurship can put their business ideas to trial in an ideal, protected framework.

Bridge Selection is taking advantage of this privileged educative framework. We have been testing our business idea, getting feedback from real customers, adapting our service and looking for solutions to create a solid company. All of it guided by HEG teachers and entrepreneurs!

What does Bridge Selection offer? We propose a service to companies and individuals: we give a second life to items they no longer need (such as electronics, bicycles, musical instruments, furniture, etc.) and return them money. We act as an intermediary to sell unneeded goods through the Internet, taking a commission for the service. We have expertise in estimating the value of goods and in promoting them over the Internet. Sellers effortlessly benefit from this know-how. Their privacy is also guaranteed: they are not involved in the selling process. Our next steps? We are now getting legal advice from a HEG teacher in order to protect our young company. We are also analysing various marketing tools to raise the interest of more sellers. Wish us luck with our Ventures in Action program!

Amanda Santos & Daniela Pompeu

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