What is it ?

MixMe it an innovative and funny cap you can carry with you easily and screw on every pet bottle. What to do in case you are thirsty and sick of drinking just water… convenient, fresh and new, MixMe it’s simple:

Take your bottle…
Take your cap…
Screw it…
Shake it…
Enjoy it…
and start again…


Logo Greenapple Logo Peach Logo Raspberry










For whom ?

For active and tasteful young minded people, “MixMe” provides tap water full of incredible flavours in your pocket, which offers a new way to carry your drink unlike usual soft drinks, which are old-fashioned and not feasible to take your daily consumption with you…


Who create it?

Nicolas Egger, our leadermanIMG-20140516-WA0007

Vincent Kaltenrieder, our businessman

Laurent Ricchiuto, our financeman

Steve Grisoni, our processman

Nora Tiba, our qualitysystemwoman

Annaële Hervé, our communicationwoman


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