logo trouverlartisteIn June the new platform TROUVERLARTISTE.CH for the artists will be available online. That represents a real opportunity for all artists to become a part of the database and for businesses to find their artists in the most efficient way!



Advantages for artists Advantages for business
Increase number of clients

Online platform

Free e-marketing

Online agenda

See comments and feedback

Receive a title of “The best artist of the season” take no commission

Benefit from the biggest database of artists

Save time for research

See the calendars of artists directly online

See performance vision or listen to music tracks

Give feedbacks and comments

Increase number of events and client’s satisfaction



TROUVERLARTISTE.CH is directed by the team of four people:

Trouverlartiste Team







Babina Kristina – Director of the project and communication with businesses

Mauris Adrienne – Marketing and Communication with artists

Chapari Samira – IT support

Zagreba Elena – Finance and Accounting

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