Nathalie @ Swissnex Boston

1My second week at swissnex Boston was really exciting. I joined many events and time flies. I visited the Harvard Business School again, but this time for a leaded campus tour. Twenty percent of the students live  in a single dorm room on the campus. They have access to the ‘baker library’; the world’s largest business library. In their free time they us the ‘shad gym’, which offers many sports possibilities (running, squash, tennis etc.). The ‘batten innovation and entrepreneurship lab’ is really interesting. The students have the possibility to work on their very own ideas or ventures. For example they have different meeting rooms or creativity rooms where they can write on text walls. So they have a range of different work spaces to let them be creative and innovative! The ‘spangler building’ includes a lounge, a post office and a huge cafeteria with a great selection of food (grill, salad, sushi etc.).


2The technovation regional pitch night was our Tuesday event with some swissnex colleagues. Technovation is a global technology entrepreneurship program for young girls/women, from 10 to 23 years old. It’s a free competition which lasts three months. In teams the girls have to imagine an app idea, conduct user research, create a business plan, design the app and finally develop a prototype. This program is a unique chance for young girls to develop their entrepreneurial mindset. On Thursday we visited the Boston Innovation District with a consul delegation. The district hall is a new building and the home of the innovation community. It’s a gathering space or like a club house of innovation to meet and exchange ideas, open to everyone. Other buildings are going to be built over the next few years. It offers different work spaces for startups, which we visited (drydock shared labs, weworks, factory63). It’s a great opportunity for startups, as the offices are available for low rates. And they even find support and mentoring in this huge community of innovation and entrepreneurship.


3We also joined finale competition events for startups like the ‘MIT $100k Launch Competition Finale’ or the ‘Deans’ Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge Demo Day and Grand-Prize Winner Announcement’. The idea is always the same: there is a startup competition during which the entrepreneurs pitch their idea and in the end they can win money for their venture. It’s a good opportunity for startups to get help from mentors and to find potential investors or partners.

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