Live from London with Sabine Frischknecht Frischknecht is currently a 4th semester master student at the School of Business Administration Fribourg and just about to head for London on the 3rd of April to write her master thesis at the renowned Imperial College London, a hot spot for entrepreneurial research and activity.

Sabine has a strong background in entrepreneurship through her major in entrepreneurship at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland, her master studies in entrepreneurship as well as through her work experience as a scientific collaborator at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and SME in Fribourg.

Sabine is especially keen on the topic of entrepreneurial education. For her master thesis she is going to investigate the entrepreneurial intention of graduate students, contributing to the overall field of entrepreneurial education.

Her decision to go abroad was strongly influenced by the expertise of her host university in the respective research area, the opportunity to enhance her language skills and to profit to the fullest from a diverse intercultural exchange in terms of entrepreneurial education. Moreover, Sabine is going to work at the Entrepreneurship Hub at the Imperial College London on different research projects in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Dear Sabine, we wish you the best of luck for your adventure in England and are looking forward to updates about your experience on the blog!

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