Business Planning (P.A.Vogel) creation of a business plan is one of the key projects in the 2nd semester of the Master Program in Entrepreneurship. After pitching our business ideas at the beginning of March, we had an interesting brush up course on Business Planning with Mr. Vogel on the 18th of March. Mr. Vogel is an experienced consultant for SME start-up undertakings and collaborates with well known Swiss partners such as (Business Valais, The Ark, Platinn, Cleantech Alps, KTI/CTI, the Swiss Biotech Association, etc.).

In a structured manner the main aspects of a business plan were discussed and reviewed which presented the theoretical ground work of the course. Furthermore, all students were challenged with a spontaneous 2 minutes rocket pitch of their business idea. The session in the afternoon was well taken advantage of by all students as Mr. Vogel offered individual coaching sessions for every group. This detailed, critical review and the practical approach of our expert helped a lot in realizing some weaknesses, key challenges and to adapt the approach to the project at large.

Below you find recommended literature that might prove helpful for putting together our business plans:

Blue Ocean Strategy (W.C. Kim & R. Mauborgne): How to create uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant;

The Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki): An inspirational and simple guide for starting up a business;

Crossing the Chasm (Geoffrey A. Moore): Marketing and selling high-tech products to mainstream customers;

Planen, gründen, wachsen (McKinsey&Company): A step by step guide in German for writing up a business plan with detailed and clear definitions of terminology and requirements, especially for the financial part of a business plan.

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