Francesca @ Swissnex Boston

My new life in Boston started more than one month ago. But first, let me introduce myself very quickly. I am a masters student in Business Administration and I am doing an internship of 6 months at Swissnex Boston. Swissnex is the scientific consulate of Switzerland with the mission to connect the dots between Switzerland and North America in the field of science, education, art and innovation. I work as Junior Project Manager in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as academic relations. In the same time, I am writing my master thesis. I will give you more details about my proposal but now, I would really like to share this first exciting period with you .

Since I arrived here, I took part in many great activities such as the Cambridge Science Festival, where we presented a huge yellow human cell from the University of Basel. I was also involved in a reading of Hansjörg Wyss’ My Brother at the State House. Additionally, I    joined the MIT $100K finale competition and some Venture café meetings; a weekly conversation meeting for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors that help them to find each other and start potential collaborations.









I also met some very interesting people from start-ups based in Switzerland such as Abionic, a company that offers a biomedical diagnostic device providing reliable, low-cost and personal allergy diagnosis – or Nanolive, which developed a 3D cell explorer. They both are from the EPFL Innovation Park and are supported by Swissnex Boston while trying to enter the US market. I also met the EFTA (European free trade association) Parliamentary Delegation with Prof. Fabrizio Gilardi, who gave a lecture entitled Role, Models and Women’s Political Representation and the Parliamentary Association Switzerland-USA. The Swiss Parliamentary Delegation visited Boston’s Innovation Ecosystem and was composed of Thomas Hurter, Martin Naef, Ruedi Noser, Markus Stadler and Ignazio Cassis. Ignazio is from the same canton (Ticino) as I am and he was so happy to see my colleague Niccolo and myself (both from Ticino) at Swissnex Boston that he took a picture with us and posted it on his own Facebook page. As Niccolo said, “Ticinesi are rare animals”.


On a private side, I am really enjoying this beautiful place, Boston is simply amazing. I went to the TD Garden for a basketball game, to the annual famous Boston Marathon on Patriots Day, on a road-trip to the East Coast with other interns and last week I celebrated my birthday.


Et voilà my first update guys, I hope you enjoyed this virtual trip into my new life. Stay tuned and follow this great experience on twitter @CzFrancesca

Cheers from Boston

Laurence @ Swissnex Shanghai

Ni Hao! Or hello! A lot of events happened since I arrived in Shanghai a month ago!

First highlight, for sure, the Solar Impulse Swiss Day at the Southeast University in Nanjing. This event attracted not less than 10 Medias and 700 students followed it.

During this event, I presented the HES-SO and the master program with a major in entrepreneurship in Fribourg to the audience. The students were impressed of our program and asked many questions!




During my first month in Shanghai, I was also took part in great events with Swissnex. It was a pleasure to attend the EMBA students from Fribourg, to participate at the European days at FuDan University as well as at the SwissWeek in Shanghai, for example.


I am already excited about the rest of my stay!



logo MSO (2)

Hello tout le monde
Le lundi 4 mai à 17h30 ASSEMBLÉE GÉNÉRALE MSO dans l’Innovation Lab (sous-sol HEG) suivi d’un apéro!
Le directeur Rico Baldegger sera présent et vous présentera de nouveaux projets en collaboration avec la MSO.
Nous nous réjouissons de vous voir nombreux et de vous dévoiler nos nouvelles perspectives.

Pour toutes questions :

Hallo Zusammen
Am Montag, 4. Mai um 17h30 findet die MSO GENERALVERSAMMLUNG im Innovation Lab (HSW Untergeschoss) statt, mit anschliessendem Apéro !
Der Direktor Rico Baldegger wird auch anwesend sein und euch neue Projekte in Zusammenarbeit mit MSO vorstellen.
Wir freuen uns auf euer zahlreiches Erscheinen und euch an unseren Zukunftsperspektiven teilhaben zu lassen.

Für weiteren Fragen:

Motivation, sens et valeurs: défis RH des entreprises sociétales

Comment valoriser le potentiel de motivation que représentent les missions et les valeurs défendues par les entreprises guidées par des finalités sociétales (socialement et écologiquement responsables)? Quelles implications dans le management RH en termes de motivation rémunération, formation, modes de communication, etc.

Face aux enjeux de société actuels, des entreprises et des organisations ont inscrit au centre de leur mission des buts sociaux, solidaires et écologiques. Pionnières dans la dynamique des innovations nécessaires pour construire une économie soutenable, elles sont toutefois confrontées à des enjeux
de management importants.

La gestion des RH doit intégrer des valeurs et des méthodes différentes des entreprises ayant pour unique but le profit. Ce workshop vise à ouvrir un nouveau champ de formations et d’échanges de bonnes pratiques pour des professionnels engagés dans cette perspective.

Pour plus d’information, consultez le flyer

Carte Blanche

2014 is over and we had an exciting year full of achievements, difficulties to overcome but also full of great satisfactions! First of all we would like to welcome Steve Grisoni, our new member who has recently joined the team. A huge thanks to all our supporters too!

Carte Blanche team is now working on the new collection and the fresh catalogue will be soon available on our website and living room. In the meanwhile, we are investing our effort in improving the production process and the communication and public relations operations. Indeed, we presented our concept to Audi in Sion. The promotional stand attracted many interested people and their feedbacks. Due to those inputs we were able to rethink our strategy and define in a better way who our target customers are. The new strategy had an impact on our image and brand which lead us to change our graphic chart and thus our website to something younger and more contemporary.

So check out our new website!

Promotional stand @Audi


Bridge Selection

The VIA program will soon be over and to end it with a flourish, Bridge Selection will make a special “sales day” event. All items will be sold at very good prices on Saturday, February 14th. In addition, we will have special valentine items and a wide range of branded goods such as watches, handbags and coats. For more information, please contact us at: