Le pagne est un tissu extraordinaire qui se s’adapte à tout mode de vie. Il peut se porter en tenue de soirée ou de ville, tout dépend de vous.

Le pagne est un tissu extraordinaire qui se s’adapte à tout mode de vie. Il peut se porter en tenue de soirée ou de ville, tout dépend de vous.Il apporte une touche d’originalité dans votre quotidien.


Vous êtes uniques, et vos vêtements?

Ses motifs et sa texture lui confèrent une particularité sans pareille.


Au fil des années, le pagne trouve une place de marque dans la société car peu importe la saison il reste un élément indémodable.



Do you know what PicYours is ? Pictures taken all over the world, sold on different kind of supports to put on your wall. It’s simple, original and put some uniqueness in your home !

So now, take a look at our brand-new website. In collaboration with Marc Surchat, we are happy to offer you a platform where you will find all these pics, get interaction with our photographers and maybe even sell your very own pics.

So, just register: it’s so easy ! As a photographer, give us all your details and share your original pics. As someone who seeks originality, a very special gift, or simply the possibility to print your own pictures at a fair price, get a username and a login and go to our e-shop.


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Hello everyone,

First of all, we are happy to announce that we have passed the 100 “likes” on our FB page ! likes

3 months after its first event, TRAUMACOUSTIK will organize the second one this Saturday Night 30th August at the “RoadHouse” in Fribourg. DJ Jeckos and Kitchen Kings will put the fire in the club and they will certainly satisfy the Tech and Minimal lovers !

Free Entrance.flyer

Traumacoustik Team

Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche

This month, the Carte Blanche team would like to share with you some further explanations about our marketing and advertising campaigns. Indeed, now that the production line is well installed and ready to work, it is important for us to get known quickly to capture new customers and market share. To do so, advertising process remains the most effective way to rapidly increase our sales. To this end, our marketing efforts are divided into several operations, such as:

Fall-winter collection photo shooting








Stand brand’s presence in various local markets through a partnership at various events.

Creation of promotional goodies











Communication and public relations operations at various local events like Paleo Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival and Locarno Film Festival.

Promotional cars travelling around Wallis









Carte Blanche will soon take off to the United States in order to look for some new market share and expand a bit more the business overseas. Stay tuned for upcoming stories of our adventures on the east coast!



Almost the end of summer… but you will soon have the opportunity to drink our fresh cider on a sunny terrace. Look at our brand new etiquette! Do you like it? So please, leave us your comments!SwiderAfter finishing the design of our bottles label we are currently printing and preparing the machines to properly stick them on the bottles.

In few weeks you will be able to taste the Swider cider in different bars in Verbier and Lausanne. We are looking to add other locations, bars and restaurants. If you have any suggestion, we will willingly take your advice!

Stay tuned for more SWIDER adventures on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SwissCiderSensation

SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!

Bridge Selection

Bridge Selection


The market for bargains is booming and there are many reasons to buy “preloved” items. While controlling expenses is the first reason for this phenomenon, at Bridge Selection we want to focus on another reason: better quality. We know everything used isn’t worth having and that’s why we pay special attention to select only good-quality used items. As a start-up we are in a long learning process. Understanding what is our core business was not an easy exercise. Choosing to offer only good-quality products was important to determine where Bridge Selection can better perform. Contact us at bridgeselection@gmail.com and we will be happy to let you know how to check out our products or how you could make some money by selling your good quality items…

“You like? We paint!”

“You like? We paint!”



How to get known? We continue to expose the pictures we imported from Serbia. Next week, an exhibition in an important showcase will take place in Bex.

What for? People who see them will have the opportunity to get more information about the artists, the prices and and get involved into discussions. At this moment we inform potential customers that we not only sell pictures but also deliver customized painting!!!

How does that work? The exhibition/showcase allow the visitors to see the artists’ styles and figure out their favourite one. This facilitate customers to choose the artist they prefere and explain to us what they whish to order.

That’s how our business works!

Soon… a surprise!

In the next news on this blog, we will share a secret with you…a great opportunity for the team of You Like? We paint! See you soon!


Good day to everyone!

We are happy to announce that the website of trouverlartiste.ch is online and all the categories of artists are available!


Hotels, Enterprises, Bars & Restaurants can start to enjoy the advantages of the platform:

  • Most complete and update database
  • Decrease time of research for the artists
  • Have complete profiles of artists
  • Watch videos and photos of performances
  • See the agenda of the artists
  • Receive alert for the new artists

We have several memberships available for you:


We hope that you will become a member of the best platform of artists very soon!

Bridge Selection

Breaking News

“We just engaged in a partnership with the NGO “Norlha”

But how an NGO would collaborate on our project?

Norlha constantly receives donations from companies, such as furniture, equipments, etc. However, its offices don’t have enough space to store all contributions. That’s where the opportunity to create a partnership with Bridge Selection came to life. As experts on sales, we want to contribute by giving a second life to these items and by donating all the profits back to Norlha.

So, do you have a business and want to make a social action?

This partnership will start next week!

Contribute! Donate your furniture, equipment, etc. to Norlha and we will deal everything for this great NGO!


In brief, we want to let you know a little bit more about the team PicYours.

Anne is responsible for all our communication. She will ensure that our Facebook page is up to date and will make it all more fun for you guys !

Olivier is in charge for your orders. He is the link between you and our printer.

Nanna will check all your wonderful pictures and see if the quality is high enough to be accepted on PicYours.ch

Florian will finally check your order before sending it to you and will customize your packet.

And finally, Pedro is our finance man, thanks to him, you will be rewarded when the time comes!


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logo Pic Yours

Website: PicYours.ch

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCerZTZWLWn_hKYQzf8_QcwA

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook