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After a long waiting period, we can finally confirm that we have a larger place to store our products. This is very important to our VIA Bridge Selection project: it means we can stock up more items and also accept products with larger volumes. In addition, we are in negotiation to have an extra person helping on sales. We are optimistic that these recent changes will allow us to increase our sales volume. For further information on how to use our services, please contact us at:


First Sales

The distribution of our precious beverage has started!! ArtSonic, a cultural association from Sierre (Valais), decided to promote our cider by selling it during their 15th anniversary party. They chose our brand for this evening which brought together more than 200 people in a warm and happy ambiance rhythmed by 3 concerts including « The Rambling Whells », a rock band from Neuchâtel.

More than 80 bottles were sold during this event located near our production site in Granges. The customers were very happy with our product!!!

Besides this first sales success we are already looking ahead in establishing a partnership with an expanding restaurant chain! More news about this exciting development will be coming soon!1


Dear Special ones

After some unexpected troubles we are now back on track!

We are still working on our plan A – to put our great flavours in caps… we strive to provide you the best possible tastes and to make your water a dream in peach, green apple or raspberry flavour. But no worries if our plan A does not work, we have a fantastic B-side up in our sleeves. Often best tracks are on the B-side. We do not see the problem, but only find solutions…


and as an old proverb says: “If ‘Plan A’ did not work out, don’t worry, the alphabet has 25 more letters”

You Like? We Paint!

One of our best painters from Serbia is now and for the next 2 months in Switzerland!

Who is she? A photograph took some pictures of her during our last exhibition!

Next month, we are going to meet our happy customers with their new paintings from…”You like? We paint!” of course!

Stay in the Loop!

Hi folks,
Read here what happend during the last weeks @ PicYours:

The PicYours Summer Contest

Flyer JPEG

By now, we collected 30 inspiring summer pictures from our great community… Thank you for this!

Participation is still open, so do not hesitate any longer and send us your summer picture 2014 by November 6 at the latest and maybe win the price of CHF 250.-

Your vote counts! With every like you help one of the “Artists” to win our competition. Hurry up and like your favourite one.

Instagramlogo Pic Yours
We extended our social media activities and are now available on Instagram. So follow @picyours and find many more fantastic pictures from the most beautiful places on earth, and perhaps one of your own…
A bunch of “Artists” sent us over a hundred pictures from all over the world, but also from Switzerland during the last months. We are working hard to make them available on our website as soon as possible. Stay tuned, get your own and give your home a unique touch.

Merry Christmas!
Christmas is just around the corner and we are preparing a big surprise for all of you. So keep updated and find out more about it very soon…


We visited so many amazing companies these last 2 days! ‘Wanna know which one?

FusionsWorld (A start)

JTC One-North, Silicon Straits, iGlobe Partners, JFDI… and look at the view from the UBS…!


Then Swissnex Singapore, to whom we want to adress a spcial THANK YOU for the organization of this fantastic trip hier in Singapore!


Let’s have a closer look at 2 other companies we had the chance to visit:

Venture Valuation

Founded in 1999, the company is based on research by the founder and CEO, Dr. Patrik Frei, at the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Federeal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).
Mission: the independent assessment and valuation of companies, products and patents.
Focus: technology companies in fast growing markets and industries.
Clients include companies domiciled on almost all continents.


Red Dot Ventures

Established in 2011, it is a seed-stage venture capital firm.
Focused on Singapore-based high tech startups in areas including ICT, Interactive Digital Media (IDM), Med Tech, Nano Tech, Clean Tech and Engineering.
In 2012, RedDot was selected as an official startup incubator under the government of Singapore’s Technology Incubation Scheme


Intellectual property, meeting with local students…and a certificate of completion to certifies that we successfully completed the Overseas Immersion Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation ! Well done everybody!

…a picture says more than 1000 words…

day 3

See you this week-end for the  #startathon 2.0 !



What a good time in Singapore! We are still at the Nanyang Technology Center!


After writing our beloved pretest, Professor Boh Wah Fond gave us a very interesting lesson about design thinking. Keep in mind one important sentence she said : “Do you have a good idea? Check first the desirability, the feasibility as well as the viability “

Afterwards we had a good time and funny experiences with local food….


Then…we discovered a giant 360 degres3D Screen and an almost human Robot at the Institute of Media Innovation! A Foto of “her” (Nadine, the Robot), is available on the study trip twitter Group “#heg_fr_singapore” !


At the end of that great day, Dr. Frank Guan showed us the “Ten faces of Innovation”… Look at the funny summary his Assistant made for you!