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“We just engaged in a partnership with the NGO “Norlha”

But how an NGO would collaborate on our project?

Norlha constantly receives donations from companies, such as furniture, equipments, etc. However, its offices don’t have enough space to store all contributions. That’s where the opportunity to create a partnership with Bridge Selection came to life. As experts on sales, we want to contribute by giving a second life to these items and by donating all the profits back to Norlha.

So, do you have a business and want to make a social action?

This partnership will start next week!

Contribute! Donate your furniture, equipment, etc. to Norlha and we will deal everything for this great NGO!


In brief, we want to let you know a little bit more about the team PicYours.

Anne is responsible for all our communication. She will ensure that our Facebook page is up to date and will make it all more fun for you guys !

Olivier is in charge for your orders. He is the link between you and our printer.

Nanna will check all your wonderful pictures and see if the quality is high enough to be accepted on

Florian will finally check your order before sending it to you and will customize your packet.

And finally, Pedro is our finance man, thanks to him, you will be rewarded when the time comes!


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logo Pic Yours


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“You like? We paint!”

An amazing exibition on the boulevard de Pérolles in Fribourg!

200 visitors came to visit our exhibition and some of them ordered a personalized pictures! You will discover these paintings after their realisation through our artists in the next news on that blog. For now, just have a look at that crazy week of exhibition.

A special thank goes to Nixit informatique ( and adesigners ( for their support during the preparation of the exhibition and the realisation of a cool and innovative concept which mixed art and technology with QR-codes!




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What’s new?

The TraumAcoustik team is planning on organizing the next event at the end of August. The event will probably take place at the Rodhaus in Fribourg. We plan to meet the owner this week or next week to confirm the date and the related details.


Stay tuned. Further details follow as soon as possible.


“What about flavours?”


Delicate, sweet, flavourful and one of the favourite, RASPBERRY of course!









Summery, fresh, explosive flavours, cool and delicious, PEACH of course!








Tangy, aromatic, flashy colours, juicy and refreshing, GREEN APPLE of course!




Carte Blanche

Even though summer is here, the sun is shining and people go on vacation, business does not stop!

The development of our company keeps going, and the first customers’ orders have arrived. The very first clients feedback are interesting and after several missions of public representation in important events (Montreux Jazz and Paleo Festival), the backlog is growing quickly!

In order to meet the demands of our future customers, we must now prepare the best way possible our sewing workshop, located near Sion, Wallis. In addition to our designer and workshop director, we will soon hire an intern as a seamstress to help us in our everyday tasks. To do so, two team members of Carte Blanche recently went visiting the “Ecole of Couture of Valais”, located in Sierre.3


We have been warmly received in the workshops of the school, where we had the unique opportunity to present our project to more than thirty very interested teenage girls.

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After an hour of presentation and a 45-minute Q&A session, we distributed our business cards to the most interested persons in getting involved in our start-up development.

We already have received three resumes of future potential trainees, great feeling! We are about to examine which one of these talented young seamstresses will help us improve our product quality and production speed!


What’s up cider lovers!

Mmmm. After a few weeks of the final fermentation stages of our cider, we have tasted it and are very happy to tell you, it is delicious!! The design of our etiquette is almost ready, but we are very excited to present to you the two final choices for our logo, hoping you will like it as much as we do!







Here is a delicious recipe that we created which would perfectly accompany a fresh bottle of Swider:

Grilled Honey Sesame Chicken Wraps

Cut up your strips of chicken breasts, start cooking them in butter and half a bouillon cube. Add some dried rosemary, oregano, thym, garlic, honey and sesame seeds. Keep cooking until nicely grilled. In the meantime lay out your wrap, add some salad (cabbage if you like it), sliced zucchini and tomatoes. Then add some caeser salad dressing or thousand island (mayonnaise and ketchup). Once the chicken strips are nice and golden, lay them over the salad and sprinkle some delicious emmentaler cheese over EVERYTHING. Fold the wrap, take a sip of your nicely chilled Swider, and take a big bite into your delicious creation!

Ps. Also very tastey with a slice of mango inside

Hope you will get the chance to try this awesome concoction soon!

Stay tuned for more SWIDER adventures on our facebook page:

SWIDER – a cider we love and which we would like to share with you!


“Color your life, color your water”

Did you know that the Swiss population is consuming 1’000 billion litres of water per year? We agree, drinking just water is not really funny and soft drinks are expensive. We also easily forget to get our daily syrup bottle ready every morning ! This is why MixMe is the solution…

Your are thirsty and your bottle is empty? Take a MixMe cap, fill your bottle with tap water, screw your cap, press and shake it! Cheers…

Logo“So FRESH”

During two days, the MixMe team members have become chemists. To select the best recipe, they went to Emmi in Bern and created incredible mixtures in a real laboratory. Just for you…










Nathalie’s last report

20140626_170500Today I am going to tell you about my last week in Boston and I can’t really believe it’s already over. Unfortunately, I was a little bit sick at the beginning of the week and spent most of the time at the office writing my final report about my time at swissnex.

On Wednesday I watched the Switzerland vs Honduras with some friends and was very happy to see the Swiss team win! After this great game I went to an opening event from Coalition. This company provides co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and just opened a new location in the hearth of Boston. The office is in the 19th floor of a building in Downtown and has an amazing view over Boston.

Midweek I was getting nervous as the ending of my stay at swissnex was getting closer. On thursday, we  went for lunch in a pub and watch the soccer game between Germany and USA with some of the swissnex interns . It was a great atmosphere as there were a lot of Americans. In the evening I helped preparing a last swissnex event: a farewell party for the HESAV students from Switzerland. They have been studying in Boston for 4 weeks with students from Chile and from the Boston College.

My last day at swissnex was very busy. Most of the day, I was writing my final report. For lunch I bought a last time my favourite food Sushi! After work we had a farewell apero for Laura, an intern, and for me as well. We both got a farewell present. My present was a cool map from Boston and a book with lots of selfies inside. I laughed a lot when I looked through the book! We spent the night at Central Square for a big dance party in the streets. The place was very crowded, but we all had a lot of fun.

I had an amazing time in Boston! Found great friends and of course we had so much fun together. I will miss the people, but now I’m very excited about my trip along the US east coast. It was a pleasure to report every week from my time in Boston and I wish you guys a great summer! See you soon in Switzerland

Boston Update

IMG_8047I started my second last week at swissnex Boston with a visit at the Boston University School of Management. The school is located in Back Bay Boston and has over 3400 students. The school is part of the Boston University, which has more than 33k students in 16 schools and colleges. Every year they have between 2000 and 3000 applications for the MBA, but they select only 150 of them for the annual program.


Monday night we had the Global Pitchfest with the Venture Leaders. As there were a lot of people invited, the event wasn’t located at swissnex but at the District Hall in the Innovation District. The Swiss startupers were pitching against US startups. Every person had one minute to present their company. All companies were split in five different groups and the audience voted via SMS for the best pitch of each category. As the presentations were short, the whole event was very dynamic and also fun with the SMS vote. At the end the audience and the judges chose the Global Pitchfest winner: Luc Gervais with his business One Drop Diagnostics.


Recently at a swissnex event, I met a person of a MIT lab and he invited me to their weekly lab lunch. I took this opportunity to see a MIT lab from inside and joined them for lunch on Tuesday. The idea is that students present their projects to visitors who come for lunch and sometimes, even the visitors present their own projects, which was the case when I went to this lunch. On Tuesday night I joined some Venture Leaders for a sailing trip at the Boston Harbor. I’ve already seen Boston from the sea with the ferry, but this was even better as we spent the whole evening on the sea and saw the beautiful sunset behind Boston’s skyline. It was just amazing! Then on Friday, we went to a lab to watch the soccer game Switzerland vs. France with the swissnex team and the embassy of France. Of course we had to recognize the good quality of the French game but I hope Switzerland will win the next game! (What was already the case when I was writing this text). 20140617_193133