We visited so many amazing companies these last 2 days! ‘Wanna know which one?

FusionsWorld (A start)

JTC One-North, Silicon Straits, iGlobe Partners, JFDI… and look at the view from the UBS…!


Then Swissnex Singapore, to whom we want to adress a spcial THANK YOU for the organization of this fantastic trip hier in Singapore!


Let’s have a closer look at 2 other companies we had the chance to visit:

Venture Valuation

Founded in 1999, the company is based on research by the founder and CEO, Dr. Patrik Frei, at the University of St. Gallen and the Swiss Federeal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).
Mission: the independent assessment and valuation of companies, products and patents.
Focus: technology companies in fast growing markets and industries.
Clients include companies domiciled on almost all continents.


Red Dot Ventures

Established in 2011, it is a seed-stage venture capital firm.
Focused on Singapore-based high tech startups in areas including ICT, Interactive Digital Media (IDM), Med Tech, Nano Tech, Clean Tech and Engineering.
In 2012, RedDot was selected as an official startup incubator under the government of Singapore’s Technology Incubation Scheme


Intellectual property, meeting with local students…and a certificate of completion to certifies that we successfully completed the Overseas Immersion Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation ! Well done everybody!

…a picture says more than 1000 words…

day 3

See you this week-end for the  #startathon 2.0 !



What a good time in Singapore! We are still at the Nanyang Technology Center!


After writing our beloved pretest, Professor Boh Wah Fond gave us a very interesting lesson about design thinking. Keep in mind one important sentence she said : “Do you have a good idea? Check first the desirability, the feasibility as well as the viability “

Afterwards we had a good time and funny experiences with local food….


Then…we discovered a giant 360 degres3D Screen and an almost human Robot at the Institute of Media Innovation! A Foto of “her” (Nadine, the Robot), is available on the study trip twitter Group “#heg_fr_singapore” !


At the end of that great day, Dr. Frank Guan showed us the “Ten faces of Innovation”… Look at the funny summary his Assistant made for you!



6th of October: First Day at the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center! A great but fully day! Professor Roderick Chia first introduced us to Singapore’s history and way of life, then we learned a lot in his entrepreneurial marketing course. Afterwards, a team of local students joined us to realize an amazing project together! Check some information we learned today, which you also could be interested in!1






Study Trip – Last Day

Meeting at Boston University
We began the last day of our study trip with lectures at Boston University. First with professor Vinit Nijhawan, who told us that the entrepreneur’s focus and only ambition is to satisfy customer needs. Then the last lecture was giving by Mr Erik Molander, who taught us the customer discovery phase analysis which must be a central piece of the entrepreneurial mindset. Thereafter we had the privilege to talk to both of them during the lunch break.








Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship & Novartis
In the afternoon we went to the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, where we had the honour the meet Bill Autet. His presentation was about the 24 steps to a successful start-up, a schema which appears in his book, a must read for future entrepreneurs.









The day as well as this trip ended in the Novartis building. We had a “solar impulse and the Swiss American aerospace connections” conference preceded by a networking session. This conference was held by the MIT professor Olivier De Weck. We learned the technological advances in this field as well as the issues they face.








Boston and Worcester are cities we recommend not only for study trips or pleasure but definitely for business.


 Take part in the “PicYours Contest” and boost your creativity!

Our website has been launched in June and our first sales have just begun. We have been pleased to get an order of 4 canvas from “EdelCert & InSpectorat”, who were looking for original and local pieces of decoration to put on the wall of their offices.







During September, the whole PicYours team has flown to Boston, MA: a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, discuss and improve our business and gather some creative ideas to share with you.

Summer is ended! We are sure you all have been travelling around the world or even in Switzerland. So, just pick your most incredible picture to participate in our “PicYours Contest”. The competition will run from October 6 to November 6. The most original picture will be determined through a 2-person jury as well as through the number of likes it has on our Facebook page. The winner will receive a prize for an amount of CHF 250.- So, just follow us on Facebook and drop us a mail with your very best picture of this last summer. We are waiting for you!

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L’Empreinte Ethno


As we told you before, the stylist is working on the new collection. But it is not the one we talked to you about before. It is a new one as it takes more time as planned. Anyway we are looking forward to present you this jewels.

Some members of L’Empreinte Ethno were in Massachussets for a two weeks study trip, more precisely at the WPI in Worcester and in Boston, well know for the MIT and Harvard University.

4 2 3





There, we have met potential partners. Of course, you will say isn’t it to risky to start a partnership outside Switzerland while the collection is not yet launched? It is but we would like to give others the chance to be unique as you with the pieces of clothes of L’Empreinte Ethno. Moreover, during this trip one of the watchword was: as an entrepreneur you have to try even if you fail. On the frame of Boston University is the following quote: “there are no mistakes, only lessons”.


So yes, L’Empreinte Ethno is ready to extend to Boston and make even more people happy.











Stay connected to discover the new collection soon . Be patient…


You are unique. And your clothes?

Bridge Selection

Many months have passed since we first started thinking about our ventures in action project. Our original idea has evolved and adapted to our clients needs. For instance, we are now sending some purchased items by mail. We also had to adapt due to our own limitations and to stay competitive. For example, we now favor small items due to our storage capacity.

In addition, our collaboration with the NGO “Norlha” continues and we have many brand new high quality sunglasses for sale.

If you would like to sell something through our services do not hesitate to contact us: